Dollar Road Construction Update

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Dollar Road Construction

Week of September 18

For the week of September 18.  We are getting to the end.  The final lift of asphalt has been placed, trees are planted, and the grass is coming up.  Contractor should have picked up the barricades and traffic control by now and the roadway is open. Contractor will be watering the grass and trees as needed for the next couple of weeks. 

Thank you to all the residents for putting up with the dust and mess during the construction process.  

If you have any questions please reach out to the Town Engineer, Scott Brosteau, at 920-593-6860 or at scott.brosteau [at]

Week of September 11

For the week of September 11.  The seeding has been completed, and trees will be installed next.  Once the trees are all placed, Northeast Asphalt will be back in to place the final lift of asphalt.   Once the asphalt is placed, the contractor will come back in and finish the gravel shoulders at the intersection of Half Crown Run and pick up the barricades, signs, and drums.   

It has been brought to our attention that the contractor placed a letter in your mailboxes about watering the seeded areas.   This is not totally correct.  The contractor will be required to water the seeded areas for the next 21 days.   After that period, the homeowner will be required to do any additional watering as you deem necessary.