Park, Recreation & Forestry Committee

Ledgeview Park

The Park, Recreation, and Forestry Committee is an advisory committee to the Town Board which makes all final decisions. The powers and duties of the Committee are to make recommendations to the Town Board regarding:

  • Management, control, improvement, use, and care of all public parks, parkways, and boulevards within the Town.
  • Acquisition of lands to be developed and utilized for park purposes and improvements within the parks.
  • Matters relating to the efficient operation of the park system.
  • Planting, trimming, spraying, protection, and removal of all trees and shrubs in the Town.
  • Removal of any dead, diseased, infested, or structurally damaged tree or portion of a tree on private property when such tree constitutes a potential hazard to life and property within the right-of-way or on public property or constitutes a threat to other trees and shrubs within the Town.

The Park, Recreation & Forestry Committee shall also:

  • Make recommendations to the Zoning & Planning Commission on preliminary plats, certified survey maps, or planned development districts regarding land dedications or fees in lieu of land dedications for parks required under subdivision ordinances.
  • Study and develop forms of recreation in public parks, playgrounds, and other property.
  • The Committee is responsible for the implementation of the Comprehensive Park and Outdoor Recreation Plan and the updating of the plan as needed. It will recommend new park locations and park amenities, as well as improvements to existing parks and trails.
  • Establish any subcommittees from its membership the Committee deems prudent and necessary to carry out the Committee’s powers and duties.

The Park, Recreation & Forestry Committee meets on the third Tuesday of the month at 6:00 PM at the Community Center, 3700 Dickinson Road. It consists of five members, each serving a three-year term.

Please click here to see agendas and minutes for Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Committee meetings.