Town Clerk

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The office of the Town Clerk is a vital unit of local government that provides an essential link between citizens and their local governing body. The Clerk is appointed by the majority of the members-elect of the Town Board for three-year terms.  The Clerks’ duties and responsibilities are specified by Wisconsin State Statute, by ordinance, resolution or by direction of the Town Board or Administrator. Some duties include,

  • Attend all meetings of the Town Board and Meeting of the Electors
  • Board of Review
  • Acts as custodian of records by maintaining and insuring permanent records of all proceedings of Board and Committee meetings including minutes, ordinances and resolutions are archived and have efficient and effective storage;
  • Administering all elections within the Town
  • Maintains the Wisconsin Statewide Voter Registration System (WisVote) to include voter records, absentee applications, election setup, candidate information, poll lists and various other election duties;
  • Maintains all Oaths for all appointed members of the boards, committees, employees and election inspectors;
  • Issues licenses and permits some of which include alcohol licenses, operators licenses, special event permits, firework user , seller and dog licenses
  • Performs related work as required by Wisconsin Statutes 60.33;
  • Maintains and controls all records management and open record requests;
  • Publishes and posts all required notices and publications as required by Wisconsin Statute;
  • Performs a variety of administrative municipal functions as required.
  • Maintaining the municipal code of ordinances

Other duties the department performs include, but are not limited to:

  • Public notices regarding resolutions, ordinances, public hearings, and meeting agendas/minutes
  • 2024 Meeting Calendar