Zoning Administration & Code Enforcement

The Zoning Administration issues all building, zoning use and occupancy permits, exclusive of conditional use permits and excavation permits. The Zoning Administrator conducts inspection of buildings, structures and use of land to determine compliance and disseminate information to those individuals and entities having questions regarding the Town of Ledgeview Chapter 135 zoning code.

The Town of Ledgeview Planning & Zoning Division provides professional, technical, and analytical expertise that assists our community in governing growth and future development. The division oversees the town’s development review processes, site plan reviews, re-zonings, conditional use and special use permits, variance requests, and proposed amendments to zoning, subdivision, and sign ordinances. The division is also responsible for developing and updating Ledgeview’s Comprehensive Plan and assisting in the preparation of adopted plans, ordinances, zoning policies, planning documents and maps.

Code Enforcement – The Code Enforcement Officer is responsible for conducting field inspections and investigations to ensure compliance with various municipal ordinances.