Bulky Item & Electronic Drop-Off - Saturday, May 4th

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Bulky Item & Electronic Drop-Off 2024

The Town of Ledgeview and Townline Recycling will be teaming up to collect bulky household items and electronics at the Public Works Building on Saturday, May 4th from 8:00 am through 1:00 pm. 


You must be a resident of the Town of Ledgeview to utilize this site. Please have your ID with you to present to staff prior to unloading.

ACCEPTABLE items for Bulky Item drop-off:
Artificial Trees Countertops Grill (remove tank) Lawn Mower Styrofoam
Bathtub Doors Hot Tub/covers Mattress/Box Spring Tables
Birdbath Downspouts Insulation Patio Furniture Toilets
Bookcase Entertainment Center Ironing Boards Rugs Water Heater
Cabinets Exercise Equipment Ladders Showers Water Softener
Carpet/Pad Flooring Lawn Chairs Sinks Wheel Barrow
Ceiling Tiles Furniture Lawn/Holiday Display Items Snowblowers Windows


 ACCEPTABLE items for Electronic drop-off:
Anything with a plug Dryers Microwave Ovens Radios Telephone Systems
Auto parts DVRs Modems RAM (computer memory) Tools
Bicycles Fax Machines Metal Musical Instruments Record Players Vacuums
Cable TV Boxes Hard Drives Network Equipment Remotes (TV & gaming) Video Equipment
Calculators I-Pods/I-Pads Ovens Rechargeable Batteries VCR/DVD Players
Cellphones Keyboards/Mice Paper Shredders Restaurant Equipment Wash Machines
Coffee Machines Laptops Power Cords Servers Wires/Cords/Cables
Computer Towers Machinery Power Cords Stereo Equipment  
Copiers Mechanical Equipment Power CordsStoves Stoves  
UNACCEPTABLE items for bulky item & electronic drop-off:
Aerosol Cans Concrete Junk Wood/Lumber Sod / Dirt
Bagged Household Garbage Construction Debris Paint / Primer or Paint Cans Yardwaste
Bio-Hazards (Items w/blood, fluid, etc.) Gas or Oil Remodeling Debris  
Brush Home Recycling Roofing Materials  
Cardboard Items Containing Mercury Siding  


Recycle Items with a Fee:
A/C & dehumidifiers - $15 each Any Size TV - $20 each Computer Monitors - $15 each Refrigerators / Freezers $20 each