It shall be the financial responsibility of the abutting property owner to keep the sidewalks in good repair.

(1) The Town Board may order any sidewalk which is unsafe, defective or insufficient to be repaired or removed and replaced with a sidewalk in accordance with the standards fixed by the Director of Public Works or appointed designee.

(2) At the time of inspection, the inspector shall conspicuously mark the sidewalk needing replacement or repair. The Town shall provide notice to the property owner of the necessary replacement or repair. Service of the notice shall be made in accordance with Wis. Stats §66.0907. If the owner neglects to replace or repair the sidewalk in the time specified in the notice, the Town may cause the work to be completed at the expense of the property owner through the Town’s annual contract for miscellaneous concrete work.

(3) Town shall invoice the abutting property owner or agent for all sidewalk replacement or repair work not attributable to Town terrace trees as reasonably determined by the Director of Public Works. Any such bill not paid by the property owner by October 1 of the year of invoice shall be placed against the real property as a special charge pursuant to Wis. Stats. §66.0627.

Town to be responsible for damage caused by Town owned terrace trees.

(1) The town shall complete all replacement and repair of any sidewalk, in the reasonable opinion of the Public Works Department, is caused by Town owned terrace trees. 

Minor repairs to sidewalks.

(1) When the cost of repairs of a sidewalk in front of any lot or parcel of land shall not exceed the sum of $100.00, the Department of Public Works may immediately repair the sidewalk without notice or letting the work by contract, and charge the cost of the repair to the owner of such lot or parcel of land in the manner provided in Wis. Stats. §66.0627