In-Person Election Day Voting

Polling Locations:

Polling hours:

  • Polls are open on Election Day from 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Sample Ballots:

Procedures for in-Person Election Day Voting:

  • Hand sanitation at the polling location entrance door.
  • The wearing of facial mask coverings is appreciated.
  • Poll Worker will direct to the next available Check-In Station.
  • Check-In at the Badger Book (electronic poll books) by stating:
    • Your Name
    • Your Address
  • Show Photo ID:
    • Photo ID MUST be one of the acceptable photo IDs
      • See Bring It To the Ballot for information on what qualifies as acceptable photo IDs for voting
        • If using a Driver’s License for photo ID, it MUST be a Wisconsin Driver’s License
      • See Bring It To The Ballot for information on how to obtain an acceptable photo ID
  • Sign the Badger Book (electronic poll book)
    • Poll workers will ask you to sign the electronic poll book with your finger.
    • The Badger Books are wiped down with alcohol after each signature.
  • Proceed to the ballot table to receive the ballot.
  • Use the voting booths to cast the ballot.