Last Chance to Order Street Trees for 2023 Plantings

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Street Tree

The Town of Ledgeview offers a street tree planting program to residents for street trees to be planted in the right-of-way adjacent to your property. The right-of-way is the area between the curb and the sidewalk, or where the sidewalk would be. This is a cost-share program where the resident purchases the tree at a discounted price through the Town. The Town will then plant the tree, perform all maintenance throughout the life of the tree, and replace it if it dies. Although you purchase the tree, the tree becomes the property of the community and is cared for by the Town. The Town selects several tree species for you to choose from. The species are selected to help improve tree diversity within the community. Trees are planted in the right-of-way by the Town staff or by a hired contractor in the next appropriate planting season (typically fall). You must water the tree as recommended and needed through one or two planting seasons, typically about 20 gallons a time. The Town will perform all maintenance on the tree through the life of the tree.  Click here to download the 2023 order form

Street tree orders are accepted this year through Friday, September 1.