Memorial & Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship provides residents and local businesses opportunities to give back to and shape their community.  It also provides the Town additional resources to implement the vision for functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing park facilities for its residents.

To establish a simple and efficient method of supporting park needs, the Town has identified sponsorship opportunities for specific park amenities based on resident requests and local precedent.  These opportunities include:

  • Facility Naming Rights
    • Park Dedication & Naming Rights
  • Sign Banners – Baseball Fields
  • Park Furnishings
    • Playground Equipment – e.g. Misting Station, Playground Equipment, Basketball Court, Shelter
    • Engraved Bricks
    • Site Furniture – e.g. Benches, Picnic Tables, Planters, Bike Racks, Trash & Recycling Receptacles
    • Tree Planting – e.g. Memorial Trees in Ledgeview, Zelten Family, Two Dollar Parks, or Street Tree Program
    • Park Maintenance
  • Adopt-A-Park (Park Sponsorship)
  • Adopt-A-Route (Bike Route/Loops Sponsorship)
  • Community Special Event or Program Sponsor-e.g. LedgeFest