Bike Loops

Ledgeview Loops

A dominant environmental feature of the Town is the Niagara escarpment, a limestone ridge that runs roughly north and south through the middle of the Town. Locally this feature is known as the “Ledge.” With mostly low-trafficked roads, scenic beauty, and topography, Ledgeview is the perfect place to create bike routes known as “loops” to provide an avenue for residents and visitors to explore and enjoy the nature and landscape of Ledgeview by bicycle. Hence, the Ledgeview Bike Loops Program. Get out and bike!

In May of 2018, with the help of WE BIKE, etc., LLC, the Ledgeview Loops Study revealed residents desire for bicycling opportunities in order to enjoy and explore the nature-scape Ledgeview has to offer.

Four Ledgeview loops were mapped based on engineering, education, and enforcement.  All loops have appropriate signage and markers along their route.